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 World Domination Racing Ladder.

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PostSubject: World Domination Racing Ladder.   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:23 pm

Hello! This will be the official racing ladder for wD!

Rules of the Race: You will have to talk to your racers first to see what the rules of the race will be. Or you may choose some of these rules that are the standards of the racing ladder.

Standard Race: 2 GP's with any course, 1 with items, 1 without. (usually 2-4 people)

DC Race: A total of 1 PG with items on with any course. (usually best with 5+ people)

Restricted Race: A total of 4 GP's with items being used and only NEW courses (none from bottom row). (Best with 6-10 people)

Ok like i said before, these are just regular rules to play by, you may set up your own rules.

Rules on what to do: You get a race set up with anyone on the ladder, the race may NOT be rejected, and you will be given 5 days to do the race, or the person/people that asked for the challenge will take the spot. You may only do 1 race a day, you will not flood the chat with ladder challenges. At the moment you may challenge anyone in any spot, because the isn't set yet.

*Both you and the challenge(s) must say the results of a match.


1. Rocket
2. Centi
3. Joe
4. Heaven
5. Pat
6. DirtyD
7. Liimz
8. Game
10. Bobbb
11. Parker
12. Dan

(starting with no particular order)

Please share any comments, regarding the content of the thread.
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World Domination Racing Ladder.
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